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The thing I like most about the eyebrow drawing is the subtlety of the attractive details that Artist AmA Salon cares about

Nourah Alghamdi Customer since 21/9/2018

The best thing I did in 2020 when I came to AmA salon, and Al-Bandri made my eyebrows for me, she's a real artist, whenever I saw my eyebrows in the mirror, Thank you from the heart

Nawal Alfayez Customer since 07/02/2020

Never Miss Out Your Beauty

All our services and products have been carefully selected and researched. Here at AmA Salon we continually strive to offer you the most up to date innovative and proven techniques.

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Eyebrows services (microblading)

We have perfect solutions for clients who have patchy, thin or uneven eyebrows and are looking for the most natural results that last all day, effortlessly, for years to come!


Lips blush and correction services

Our lip blush and correction services will take you away from the tedious task of lining and tinting your lips, but your lips will appear fuller, brighter and more attractive that will last all day, effortlessly, for years to come!


Skincare services

We can help revitalize your complexion by targeting any area – wrinkles, scars, reducing acne, or simply creating a more radiant complexion. Our range of non-surgical treatments can make your skin look its best in no time.


Eyelashes services

Instead of using eyelash liner every day, we have the latest technology to give you the most consistent look of eyelashes that last all day, effortlessly, for years to come! We like the lashes to be thicker, darker, and plump without looking like eyeliners.


Tattoo removal services

We use the latest modern technology (LiFt) for people who want to remove unwanted tattoos from the body or who have permanent makeup using microblading and want to remove it.

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