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Approval form for services provided by AMA Salon


We hope that you read our regulations carefully before completing your reservation with us:


Due to our concern for the safety of everyone and to achieve the best results, we cannot provide  (microblading / supplying) for the following cases:
*Pregnant and breastfeeding women.
*Those who suffer from the following diseases (diabetes – epilepsy – blood thinners – eczema or psoriasis in the eyebrow area – skin cancer – acquired immunodeficiency – hepatic epidemic or any infectious diseases).
*If you are taking any of the following medicines (aspirin or blood thinners – medicines for the thyroid exceeding 100 grams – cortisone regularly).
*In case you have a previous tattoo.
*In case you had Botox or filler injections within the past 4 weeks.
*In the event that Roccan has been used during the past four months.
*In the event of deep peeling of the skin (cold peeling or acid) during the past three months.


*I confirm that I am not in the above cases and I am aware of the prices and payment policy and that it is required to book an appointment to pay a pre-deposit of 300 riyals within 48 hours of booking.


*I know that the first session may not be enough, and a supplementary session (retouch) may be required within three months, at a price of 500 riyals. In the event that the period is exceeded, the price of an annual retouch session is calculated at 1500.


*I am aware of the swelling or temporary bruising that may result from the supply session for the lips, which will disappear within days.
AMA salon has the right to keep the deposit in case of no-show without notice 48 hours before the appointment.
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