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The thing I like most about the eyebrow drawing is the subtlety of the attractive details that Artist AmA Salon cares about

Nourah Alghamdi Customer since 21/9/2018

The best thing I did in 2020 when I came to AmA salon, and Al-Bandri made my eyebrows for me, she's a real artist, whenever I saw my eyebrows in the mirror, Thank you from the heart

Nawal Alfayez Customer since 07/02/2020


Albandri is the founder of AmA Salon and an artist, she's been in the permanent makeup since its early inception. She is specialise in microblading, combo, eyebrows, lash enhancment tattoo and removal of unwanted tattoos.

ALBANDRI ALMNEEF Founder of AmA Salon, Certified Microblading Artist, Certified Microblading Instructor
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